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Calscan Exclusive Offerings

1. LED light panels can make a huge difference to your MRI suite's look and appeal and can provide an extra "needed" comfort to your patients. Calscan offers a vast array of panels with various sizes and patterns, from plain day light, warm white, as well as full skylight led panles. Full installtion service is avaible, as well as "a ;la carte" with complete mouting instrutions, led light RF filters and whatever is needed for your own electrician to get your MRI suite done. Pricing depends on requirement.
2. CME also offeres a complete HD video monitoring kit. The kit would include one or two cameras, filters, HD monitor and instructions. Installtion is also avaible. Pateient monitoring video kit pricing is anywhere from $1500 and up to $3,500 depends on room size, location of pen panel, and other factors.


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