Carpet Beetles Love My Cow Parsnip

I have a few Cow Parsnip plants in the backyard and they reproduce prolifically.  I usually cut them back a bit to prevent them from growing to their normal 6 foot or so height.  But, they have lots of flowers and I’ve found that an incredible variety of insects love them.



The latest insect to be enjoying its pollen was this group of Carpet Beetles.


Carpet Beetles get their name from the fact that they often live inside our homes and the larvae eat our stuff!  Also our food.  Luckily I haven’t found them inside my house, but they are pretty common in my garden.  According to Handbook of Urban Insects and Arachnids, by William H Robinson, when they live outdoors they typically inhabit bird and wasp nests.  Yet another way that nature practices reuse and recycling!

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