Spittlebugs Are Back

So it’s only been FIVE years since I last posted something on Slugyard.  It’s been a nice long break, but seeing all of these gobs of spit on my plants made me think of posting again, so I’m back!

These appear every year around this time, and I’ve posted about them before.  They are caused by spittlebugs!

They don’t seem to be very picky as to which plants they grow on.  These are actually formed by spittlebug nymphs and they are feeding on the plants while they grow inside.  According to Oregon State University, the spittlebug nymphs grow through 5 different stages before they become adults.  Usually they are hard to see inside the frothiness they create, but once in a while…

…we can see one!  See it in the photo above in the lower gob attached to the stalk?


This is what we usually see- nothing but spit.

I still can’t be sure if I’ve seen an adult spittle bug.  They resemble leafhoppers, and this old photo I took might be one.

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