Canada Geese Chicks


Last week we saw this Canada Geese family grazing along the banks of the Willamette River.  According to The Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behavior, male and female geese often stay together for life, and some one year old geese actually return to their parents after nesting season for a while.  They have strong family bonds.


Newly hatched geese don’t need their parents to feed them.  They are already able to feed themselves, as you can see above.



Also, like other water ducks and geese, they are covered with a down coat.  Other than the black beak, they don’t resemble their parents much at all.


The male goose was being especially protective while we were watching them.  He was keeping a sharp eye on us and…


…he was constantly contracting and extending his neck in our direction.  I took this as a threat!  But what were the geese so afraid of?


The entire 3rd grade in my son’s school!  What a treat we had on the class hike through Maddax Woods.

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