Snail Gathering


This Violet plant is growing all over my yard.  I usually rip it out since it reseeds and spreads VERY quickly.  This one was actually growing on the edge of my front yard path.  As I bent down to rip it out I noticed something in it.


Two snails!  And large ones at that.  I’m not sure if they mated, were about to mate, if one was trying to eat the other, or even whether they are the same species.  The shells are similar, but definitely have different patterns.


I am guessing that this one is a Brown Gardensnail which was imported from Europe.  Note that the whorls are on the right side, as is almost always the case with a snail.




The other one is also a righty.  The black band along the bottom of the shell is confusing me a bit.  Maybe it is a Brown Gardensnail.  Either way, it was large!

  1. Oh I’ve found those in my garden sometimes, figured they were not a good thing to have around for the plants. And sweet violets, my favorite early spring flower! Wish I had a violet rather than dandelion problem.

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