‘Tis the Season for Slugs

My boys and I found a few slugs during our hike through Tryon Creek State Park this past weekend.  The weather has been cool and wet, so I’m not surprised that slugs are out adventuring.

The slug shown above is our native Banana Slug, which is not unusual.  In this case it is climbing over buttercups.

This is probably a European Black Slug (according to Field Guide to the Slug by David George Gordon), also called a Rufous Garden Slug.  It has a beautiful red skirt (the red body part shown above).

Here’s another slug we found on a large log.  See the big hole?  Remember from my previous slug posts that this is the opening that slugs use to breathe (called a pneumostome).

  1. If you do any gardening and have slug problems there is a new humane, non-toxic way to deter them for the whole season. They are called slug shields and I use them and love them. Thanks for the great pics!

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