Snakes in the House?

On Thursday Rebecca in the Woods posted about Garter Snakes getting into someone’s house.  I commented on how I hadn’t ever found snakes inside before.

So what happens on Friday?  The photo above is of our garage (badly in need of replacement I might add).  What is hiding in the crevices?

As mine and the neighbor’s kids discovered, there are Garter Snakes!  My wife ran out and took this photo above.  I guess the snakes figured out a way to climb up there.  It’s not exactly inside my house, but it’s pretty close.

They found some nice looking resting places.  I’m not sure whether they are possible mates, or siblings, or just happen to be neighbors.

Regardless, I’m glad to see them.  Remember, Garter Snakes are harmless and they eat some common garden pests like slugs.  Encourage them to be in your yard!

  1. Wow! They were probably as startled to see you as you were them! Did you read the article in The Oregonian about the house in Idaho infested with snakes…this is on a huge scale and obviously not the situation you have but it made me think of it. Google Idaho House Infested With Snakes if you are interested…

  2. ohhh, could not deal with snakes in my house. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have not seen a snake in my neighborhood, or in the City of Seattle for that matter, in years, or ever. Last time I saw one was out doing wetland rehab work on the Sammamish Slough north of the city. Saw garter snakes a lot when I was a kid playing in our yard and the field behind our house out in Troutdale when it was mostly berry farms and nurseries.

  3. I saw the title at the bottom of your WBW post and had to check this out.
    Oh my gosh. I know they are good but I don’t want any near me or my yard. 🙂
    Kudos to your wife for taking the pics. Not sure I could have.

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