Pitcher Plant Flower

This flower just bloomed in my yard.  Anyone know what plant it comes from?

A Pitcher Plant!  I have a few carnivorous plants in pots in my backyard- this pitcher plant and a few Venus Flytraps.  The flytrap flowers are sort of boring, but the Pitcher Plant flower is unique.

It has been a very cloudy spring which hasn’t been the best for either the Pitcher Plant or the Venus Flytrap.  I’ve had them for a few years though, so they’ve experienced our Oregon weather now for several seasons and seem to be rolling with the punches.  I’m sure I’ll get some exciting insect photos later in the year (like I did last year) as the plant catches some prey.

  1. If you know anyone who does flower arranging hang on to the seedhead – they dry very well and this side of the pond ooften feature in flower arranging displays at garden shows.

  2. Never saw that plant before — thought it was a fake plant at first (which didn’t seem at all like you). We’re on the road and have had troubles linking up; look forward to catching up when we get back to one spot.

    Be sure to go to Darlingtonia Wyside (near Florence) when you go to the Coast; great insect-eatingi plants there. Have a good trip.

  3. That’s an impressive flower. I thought it was a fake to but a little Googling showed me it appears to be a Sarracenia purpurea – or a relative. Impressive!

  4. ‘Little Shop of Horrors’… 😀
    Anyone remember that movie?

    What a cool plant! Glad it adapted to your weather 🙂

    Btw. I have some Shield bugs from Korea on my blog. Would you maybe be able and have a look and point me in some direction for an ID?
    I know Korea is different than the US, but maybe you have an idea 🙂

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