Mule Deer in the Yard

Two Mule Deer have been visiting our backyard on and off for the past few days.  They’ve done a nice job of eating my plants.  They appear to enjoy the new growth on most of the plants while leaving the older leaves alone.  They also like eating the flowers off of my fringe cups.  The above photo is a bit fuzzy since it was starting to get dark.  But, the video below is a lot clearer.  You can see both deer in the video while they eat my Elderberry.

Notice that they both have the beginnings of antlers.  Young men!

  1. Impressive animals—I wouldn’t like them eating my garden but they are so beautiful and elusive to watch—especially when they look you right in the eye, as in, “He’s staring at us” :-). Your video makes me think of the great line in My Cousin Vinnie about the leaf eatin doughy-eyed deer—-

  2. He looks pretty healthy. This would NOT happen in Ballard area of Seattle, but a juvenile bear was on my block last year – was all over the news in Seattle, a bear in the city!

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