More Aphid Predators

Aphids like Roses.  Above is a photo of one of my rose bushes in the front yard.  As you can see, aphids have found a home there.

What’s that red thing crawling toward them?

It’s a Western Blood-red Ladybird Beetle, otherwise known as a type of ladybug.  This one is native to our area and it looks like it is eating an aphid in this photo.  I see more of these beetles than any other type of ladybug in my yard.

  1. If those critters get overwhelming and the Ladybugs can’t keep up, try a mixture of water and nettles.
    Get an old bucket with a lid, fill with water, collect some green burning nettles, put in water, cover up, stir once a day. After a few days you have a stinking mixture. Filter the nettles out and use the water on your plants (spray it is best).

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