High Water Brings Ducks

Last week, the Willamette River below our house was as high as it’s been all year.  The area in the photo above was the end of a hiking trail down to the beach, but now the water, Canada Geese, and Mallards have taken over.

New logs have floated into the area where the trail ends and the beach begins.

Mallards can use the logs right now for preening.  When the water recedes the logs will settle down and be left on the beach until the next high water event.

The Mallards were spending a lot of time skimming food off of the top of the water.

More high water scenes like this are possible this year.  The mountains still have a high snowpack from the winter.  If the temperature were to warm quickly (something that it hasn’t even hinted at doing) water levels could rise again.



  1. Warm temperatures? What are those?? The high rivers are making me crazy… or more to the point, making my dog crazy! I won’t let him swim with big logs sloshing against the shore.

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