Deer Damage

I haven’t posted about my Walnut Tree in a while.  I am following it as part of the Tree Year 2011 project (click on the banner on the right side of my blog to see more).  As you can see it has now fully leafed out, which actually makes it a bit tough to see things happening on the tree.  I can’t see birds, squirrels, moss, or really much of anything.  But, I can see clearly what is below it.

Elderberry.  Two of them actually.  See how the bottoms look a little woody?  It is a result of the recent visit we had from two deer that I posted about.  They ate everything they could get their mouths on.

The photo above gives a good feel for the “foraging line”.  Luckily this is an old and healthy Elderberry and it has plenty of new growth still up above.

The deer ate a lot of things in my yard, but really none of it was a big deal.  There is a lot of vegetation to go around.  I can’t understand why they left my Deer Ferns alone though (one pictured above).  Not that I’m complaining…

The Elderberry berries are starting to form.  Once they ripen, they will be picked clean by birds- more welcome visitors to the yard.

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