Bulb Flies Back – Still Look Like Bees

Now that Slugyard is officially over 1 year old, I’ll get a chance to look back at my posts from the year before and see how things might be different this year.

I took the photos in this post on Friday, June 17, just a couple of days ago.  Do you see the insect above?  It looks a lot like a bee.

But it isn’t.  As I posted about exactly 1 year ago from the date of these photos, this is a Bulb Fly.  They lay their eggs near bulbs and once they hatch the larvae dig into the bulbs and live inside while they eat and grow.  Bulb Flies are considered “unwanted” garden insects because they will destroy some garden flowers.  Last year, I mentioned that this didn’t bother me because there seemed to be plenty of bulbs to go around.  I’m happy to say that a year later I still feel that way.  I still have more daffodils than I need in the garden, not to mention many other flowering bulbs that continue to spread out.

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