Yellow-rumped Warbler has a Yellow…you know…

This weekend I took my boys on a hike through the Camassia Natural Area near our house (inspired by Patricia Lichen’s post from last week).  More photos from our trip will be coming later this week, but for now I thought I’d share this one.  A tall Oregon Grape is growing through the grass understory.  What is that creature sitting on it?

A bird of some sort, and not one I see everyday.

I kept taking pictures but was still stumped.

It definitely wasn’t shy though.  Its yellow features were striking- I was sure I’d be able to identify it once I had my guidebooks at home.  This last photo, though, was the one that ended up making the ID easier.

The yellow rump!  This is a Yellow-rumped Warbler (go figure).  There are a couple of different varieties of these birds in our area.  This one is an Audubon’s Warbler because of its yellow throat.  Also, it is probably a female since it has black streaks on its breast.

Camassia is a wonderful place and we are lucky to have it.  It is well-known for its wild camas flowers, some of which are blooming right now.  I figure that next weekend the wildflower show there might be spectacular.  If you do visit, please be aware that poison oak is plentiful there- DO NOT LEAVE THE PATH!

  1. What an amazing bird!
    And a lovely place to go and watch.

    It’s sad that we have to leave warnings like that, no? Some people just love to enjoy nature, but don’t consider what they are doing :/

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