Usual Birds

All has been quiet on the birding front in our yard.  Birds must be nesting or something because they sure aren’t hanging out in our yard in large numbers.  Some of the usual birds have been showing up on occasion though.  Above is a Red-breasted Sapsucker looking for food on our Walnut Tree.  As you can see from the branch at the left edge of the photo, the tree has leafed out and will soon start growing some walnuts.

This Chickadee was in the woods behind our house.  Unfortunately, Chickadees didn’t nest in our birdhouse this year.  I miss them.

And, of course, there are always plenty of Northern Flickers to go around.  This one was sitting atop a dead tree  overlooking the Willamette River.

Hopefully once some chicks hatch and fledge we’ll start seeing some more activity in the yard.

  1. I love Red-breasted Sapsuckers – such a lovely raspberry color, much more interesting than our Yellow-bellied. I’ve only seen one once, at Yosemite.

  2. You have some great birds there. The Sapsucker is a very pretty color. And I have always loved the chickadees. It would be cool to see some juvinile Flickers. Wonderful photos.

  3. I’d call a Red-bellied sap sucker and flickers pretty fancy backyard birds. I’ve noticed some of our “usual suspects” have been missing from the feeders around here too. I’ll bet your right, they must be busy with nesting projects and here I was thinking alien abduction!
    Wonderful post as always!

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