Spider Stretching Out


I found this spider on a stinging nettle leaf in the woods behind our house.  I moved in for some closeups, being careful of course not to get pricked by the stingers on the bottom of the nettle leaf!

This spider has some seriously long front legs, and is in an interesting pose.  It looks like it is stretching out.  This could mean that it is a type of Stretch Spider according to Garden Safari.  Imagine if this spider was on a twig or blade of grass.  Stretched out like this, don’t you think it would be harder to see?

Eventually my camera bothered it and it started to walk away.  It looks a bit differently in this view, but those front legs are still obviously long.  Looks like I have another photo to post on Bug Guide…

  1. What a coincidence, I see a similar spider over my garden pond,so lean in shape unless it spreads the limbs out! Couldn’t manage a good photo yet though.

  2. Great picture. I love insects and spiders and isn’t it wonderful to have a digital camera! Back in the day I would NEVER have thought of taking a picture of a spider and having to pay to have it developed, but aren’t they just as beautiful as the “big” scenery things that we have in our old photo albums!!

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