Spider Flower?

Yesterday in my backyard I saw this flower on a plant poking through my neighbor’s fence.  Wait a second- is that really a flower?

No!  It is a bunch of spiderlings, or baby spiders.

According to Insects of the Pacific Northwest by Peter and Judy Haggard, these are Black-and-yellow Argiopes (or Garden Spiders according to some books).  I got a little too close with my camera and they started to scatter.  Check out the video below.  What does that look like under the leaf on the right?

Is that an adult spider?  I recently posted about one of these spiderlings in my rain garden and how I’d never seen an adult before.

Are any of these spiderlings going to survive, or is this adult spider (different type by the way) going to have a very large meal?

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  1. Oh my gosh — amazing photos and I loved the video. So you decided that the adult is a different type of spider? Well…there must BE some adults somewhere of this kind — because there sure are a lot of busy little spiderlings ;>)

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