Silly Osprey, Birds Don’t Use Phones

During our hike last weekend through the Camassia Natural Area near our house, my boys and I stopped to look at this nearby cell phone tower.  Why?

To see the Osprey nest!  The nest gets used every year, and I imagine that it might be the same pair that returns every year.

We frequently see Ospreys fly over our house.  We live between this nest and the Willamette River.  Since Ospreys eat fish, this would make some sense.

Later in the year we’ll be able to see young Ospreys poking their heads out of the nest.

  1. Oooo—-be sure to post the photos of your osprey nestlings! I missed my bluebird moment of fledge. Heartbroken.

    Saw an osprey nest several years ago, similar to yours, on a cellphone tower on Fripp Island, off the coast of Georgia. It was protected by the local fire department.

    Also was recently lucky to observe at close range the splashdown of an osprey grabbing a fish out of the bay on the gulf coast of Florida. Made a huge splash. Long terrible talons.

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