Rain Garden Wildlife

As I posted about a couple of times over the last few weeks, I built this rain garden in my backyard.  Two of my roof downspouts empty into it and the water fills the garden for a while before it slowly sinks into the ground.  The plants are starting to grow and leaf out a bit.

And the wildlife is starting to take notice…

A Robin stopped and sat down in the middle of the bark mulch.  The mulch does float when the garden fills with a few inches of water.  I will continue to add rocks to try and keep this to a minimum.

The Red Twig Dogwoods are leafing out and attracting attention.  See the little green insect?

It is a Blue-green Leafhopper according to Insects of the Pacific Northwest by Peter and Judy Haggard.  It stuck around on this group of leaves for over 24 hours.  It eats plants, so I wonder if the dogwood will soon have a lot of holes.

One of the other dogwoods was hosting this black beetle.  I’ve tried to ID it and haven’t come up with anything yet.  I’ll post it on BugGuide and hope for the best.

I was quick enough with the camera to get a shot of it raising its wings.

It flew away after a few minutes.

Finally, this little tiny spider was sitting in a web on the Vine Maple.  It looks a lot like a Black-and-yellow Argiope spiderling as pictured in Insects of the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve seen these spiderlings before in the yard, but I’ve never seen an adult.  If it IS an Argiope, we’ll see if it can survive long enough to grow and eventually show off its bold adult colors.

Not too bad for just a couple of weeks.  Once the plants continue to grow and fill in the wet area, I imagine even more new creatures will move in.

  1. A rain garden sounds awesome… Love all the photos and I am impressed with all your bugs too. I plan to pick up the butterfly guide you recommended but I think I will check out that insect guide as well. Thanks for sharing!

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