Damselfly in the Rain Garden

Today I found my first Damselfly in the Rain Garden!  It is holding on to a Common Rush that I planted.  Remember that Damselflies and Dragonflies are different.  Most Damselflies hold their wings together while resting, but Dragonflies can’t do this- they have to hold their wings out.  This one isn’t quite holding them together, but I believe that this is a Damselfly since its front and hind wings are about the same size and shape- Dragonfly wings differ.  It is also probably a Spread-winged Damselfly since they tend to hold their wings out instead of together.

This is the Common Rush plant that the Damselfly is resting on.  This view is from one of my gutter downspout connections into the Rain Garden.  Yesterday there were several inches of rain water in the garden and the water is helping these grasses grow in nicely.  The water infiltrates (sinks into) the ground at about 2 inches per hour.  Not too bad.

  1. I didn’t know that difference – I think I assumed they were all dragonflies! And wow, your 8-year-old definitely knows more than me about bugs! (Umm, spiders can bite? but I never kill them).

  2. I’ve missed some great posts during my blogging break! I didn’t know about damselflys — although I have heard fisherpeople talking about tying that kind of flys. I had to come back to read your raingarden post first as I’m catching up..can’t wait to tell our daughter and sil about this idea when we get back to oregonl.

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