Cross Spider Cuts Boxelder Bug Loose

“Dad, hurry up!”  That is a sentence I hear a lot around my house.  Luckily, this time my son was calling me outside to look at something.  I asked what was going on and he said “A Cross Spider has a Boxelder Bug caught in its web!”  Not bad for an 8-year old, huh?

I grabbed my camera and took a look.  As you can see in the photo above, the spider isn’t injecting any venom into the bug.  Why not?  Instead it was busy doing something to the web.  A few moments later, the Boxelder Bug fell to the ground!

The Cross Spider seemed OK with this.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that it MEANT to cut the Boxelder Bug loose.  I’ve posted before about spiders leaving Boxelder Bugs alone.  My guess is that this Cross Spider doesn’t think that Boxelder Bugs taste very good!

Meanwhile, the Boxelder Bug just crawled away.

In another part of my yard yesterday was this Boxelder Bug crawling on a rose bud.  Considering how many Cross Spiders I have in the garden, Boxelder Bugs are very lucky that they don’t taste good.  Now if only my Venus Flytrap felt that way

  1. Amazing photographs! Many of the true bugs do have scent glands that produce noxious stuff. The red and black colors warn other critters that the bug tastes bad.

    (I hear “Hurry up!” a lot, too.)

  2. Nice expose on garden predation and ecology. I like the simplicity an approach that you have here. I can see many, many people relating to it…….

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