When the World Gives You Rain, Build a Rain Garden!

Even for our usually rain-soaked area, it has been raining A LOT over the past month or two.  A LOT.  So last weekend I suddenly got motivated to build this Rain Garden.  What is it?  This web page from Oregon State has a lot of good information and a link to a great handbook.  The Rain Garden collects water from my roof downspouts and over a few hours the water soaks into the ground.  I planted all native plants, including water-loving rush grasses in the lower portion of the garden and dogwoods, roses, and a vine maple in the higher portions.  There is a ravine with a creek in the woods in the background of this photo, so I am confident that the ground water heads that way.

My boys had to give up their “home plate” area, but they are getting too big to be playing baseball back here anyway.  Of course, I got their full cooperation ahead of time.  They even helped remove all of the grass that was there (along with some serious help from our neighbor’s son- thanks Marcus!).

Here is one of the two roof downspout connections.  I had to dig a hole under the concrete path, but I like the way it turned out.  Now when it rains, I sit and stare at the pond that forms.  I am mesmerized by the sight of the raindrops hitting the surface.

How much has it been raining here?  Check out the photos below to see who our latest visitors have been…

Mallards walking down the street!


C’mon!  This weather is beyond ridiculous…

  1. Great post! I really wanted to create a rain garden in my yard but I just didn’t have the space. Yours turned out really nice. Watching the rain is a favorite pastime of mine as well. I guess we live in the right place.

  2. Love the DA’s 🙂
    You’d expect we’d be able to have a rain garden here in the UK, but it’s been *ages* since we had any ‘proper’ rain.

  3. This is a great idea Mike – our backyard gets a little swampy after a rain and it makes sense to harness all of that roof water and create some habitat. I’m not sure where we could put one at our place but I’m going to think about it!

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