Squirrel Trash

The sun finally came out for a bit today!  There is actually blue sky above my Walnut Tree.

Squirrels live in our woods and our yard all year-long.  They all appear to be non-native however.  This one in the Walnut Tree is likely an Eastern Fox Squirrel due to its reddish tint and large size.

But, there are signs of native squirrels in the neighborhood.

This is the bottom of a conifer tree in the park down the street.  That looks like mulch on the ground around the trunk.  Let’s take a closer look.

Well, it still looks a bit like chips.  But there’s something strange about them.

They are chips, but this isn’t regular mulch.  These are shavings from squirrels!  Most likely native Douglas’ Squirrels sit in the conifer tree above and eat the seeds in the cones.  They discard the parts they don’t eat and they fall down and form piles called middens.  I’ve walked by these trees many times while taking my kids to school and I’ve always wondered what they are.  Now I need to start looking for the small native squirrels living above.

    1. This time of year I don’t know. Obviously they eat the walnuts themselves in the summer and fall. Maybe they just roost there to eat old nuts that they dig up?

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