Snail on the Trail

How often do you think hikers miss seeing things that are right under their noses?  I was looking down at the ground while hiking through the woods behind our house and saw something under the ivy and waterleaf.

A super cool snail shell!  I actually find a lot of shells, but they usually don’t have any snails in them anymore.  What about this one?  Taking a closer look…

…the snail was there!

Judging from the photos on this Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Lowlands website, I believe that this is a Pacific Sideband Snail.  A northwest native!  According to the site:

A snail of mossy cool forests. Most active during wet warm months, forages on vegetable matter of all kinds and fungi, then returns to a refuge which may be under leaves or woody debris. Sometimes they hibernate in moss, has been found hibernating in thick moss on a Big Leaf maple branch but more often they utilize rock piles as summer and winter refuges.

I’m guessing this snail used the Big Leaf maple hideout since our woods are full of them (not too many rock piles).

For more information on these and other snails, check out Josie Ingram’s post here.

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