Rain Garden Shines in Sun

My rain garden has now lasted two weeks.  Last week we had a lot of rain, but it never overtopped despite two of my downspouts emptying into it.  The plants in the lowest part of the garden were under water, but when the rain stops the water infiltrates the ground at about 2 inches per hour.  I added bark mulch to the bottom of the garden to help keep weed growth down.  The mulch does float when filled with water, but hopefully in time this will stop.

The small grasses in the photo above will grow to be 2 to 3 feet tall.  I can’t wait to see what wildlife will visit the garden as time goes by.

The Vine Maple is now blooming.  They aren’t huge, but the maple flowers are definitely there.

The Hooker’s Fairybell is blooming too.  I planted it below the maple, so hopefully as time goes on it will get a bit more shade.

The Streambank Violet has had several different fly visitors, including the Crane Fly I posted about earlier in the week.

Finally, this Hover Fly was resting on a primrose- one of only two non-native plants in the rain garden (my son picked this one out!).

  1. you are presenting springtime, as we do, here in Norway. Happy images – showing how wonderful world is in the springtime. I love them all!

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