Just Another Day on the River

The way the weather has been around here lately, any break in the rain is a reason to celebrate.  People flock to the Willamette River, and so do the birds.

The heron rookery was still a bit quiet compared to a couple of weeks ago.

The herons are still around though and spending more time on the beach below.

A Bald Eagle was hiding and taking a look from the top of a tall Douglas Fir tree, possibly watching…

…the cormorants flying back and forth.

All in all, a fine day on the river.

    1. Flood, no. But it is a bit high. We’ve had a lot of rain, but rain is the norm here in the Pacific Northwest for much of the year. Actually, once the weather warms and the mountain snow begins to melt, the rivers will rise again.

  1. Your world is starting to cook with springs energy but I wonder why then the heron rookery action has toned down?

  2. Thanks for visiting my Sharp-shinned Hawk! Nice to see your photos of the Willamette and the birds that hang out in that neighborhood! (I have family in Portland, Wilsonville and Seattle but don’t get out that way nearly often enough… I’ll be back to visit another time… love the idea of having a blog that features images of things seen in your immediate surroundings.)

  3. You have all kinds of different birds there at the Willamette River–great shots!

    I think that after DDT was banned from pesticides, the cormorant population which had greatly decreased has now exploded! They are cool birds.

    Thanks for your comment. I had never seen a cormorant before a couple of weeks ago. I guess they just discovered the rivers and small lakes of the foothills of California in the last few years.

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