Flowers For Flies

Dandelions are starting to bloom in the yard.  There are too many to completely eliminate them (I don’t use any weed killers other than my own two hands), so I try not to stress over them too much.  The good news though is that some other wildlife, mostly insects, love them.  Check this old post out for a very strange visitor to a dandelion in my backyard.

The fly in the photo above appears to be a Flower Fly or Hover Fly, the same kind of fly that I posted about a month and a half ago.

Any insect that feeds on dandelion nectar must have an advantage around here, considering how quickly dandelions bloom, and over such a long period of time.

Unfortunately most of these flowers disappear when I mow the backyard lawn.  But they grow back in a day or two so the insects don’t have to wait long.

  1. Great close-ups of the dandelion and the flower fly. I’ve seen those insects around my house, too, and now I know their name.

    You have a very interesting nature blog!

  2. I love Dandelions, even though they are a pest and I use my hands to get them out too.
    I often let them bloom, but click off the top before it seeds 😉
    And then get the whole thing out later.
    Love the close ups and the critter!

  3. Great photos, Mike, even if we’re all going to talk about the dandelions instead. All sorts of wildlife like them, and I don’t understand why they are considered undesirable. What’s to love in a boring, perfect, green yard?

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