Birds in the Forest

There are always a lot of birds to see when walking through the woods behind our house.  Friday was no exception!  Above was a Spotted Towhee glaring at me with its red eye.

These two Northern Flickers were making a lot of noise pecking away at this broken tree (cottonwood maybe?).

As usual, Song Sparrows were easy to spot.  This one looked happy sitting on a bed of moss…

…while its friend nearby was looking for food in another patch of moss.

There were also a lot of American Robins.  These birds amaze me.  They seem to be able to live in almost any habitat.  Not only do they live in our yards and parks, but they seem to do just fine in the forest.

I didn’t just see birds.  Bees and flies are starting to turn up as well.

  1. I am in awe of your beautiful bird photos. I have lots of birds in my yard, but my pictures never turn out as beautifully as yours. Especially the Northern Flicker that came to visit almost every morning always flew away before I could even get the camera. Darn!

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