Bald Eagle Flies Into View

On an otherwise cloudless day, this lone cloud started drifting over my Walnut Tree.  I started taking photos as it continued to move our way.

That’s when I spotted something flying overhead.  See it at the upper left of the photo?

Luckily it soared closer.  It’s a Bald Eagle!

Bald Eagle wingspans are impressive.  Now that the Turkey Vultures are returning sometimes identifying these birds while at a distance can be hard.  One easy difference is that Bald Eagles fly very steadily through the air while vultures constantly rock back and forth while riding the air currents.

I turned away from the cloud and saw this Red-tailed Hawk.  It had been making a lot of noise (there was actually a pair of them)- probably trying to scare the eagle away.

  1. A couple of weeks ago we saw a bald eagle fly over our backyard, near Berkeley, CA. It was a thrill, but I was not quick enough to get my camera and a picture. We do see turkey vultures almost every day, and Red Tails several times a months.

  2. Great post. Bald eagles have really made a return in our area. There is a wilderness lake in S. Vermont that we fish on a regular basis and we watch the eagles catch fish all day long. Last year on a single day we saw six different birds simultaneously, a first for me. Some of them were immature and it was really fun watching how inefficient they were at fishing.

    Thanks for this, it was wonderful.

  3. AH to have a Bald Eagle come into view over my treeyear trees. Michael envious. I did once have a Sparrowhawk perch once in the Horse chestnut. But the chances of any eagle in London – never.

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