As the Insects Flourish, So Do the Cross Spiders

Now that we are starting to see some insects in the yard, the Cross Spiders have returned.  These spiders are not native but pretty soon they will be everywhere.  They spin large orb webs between trees and plants and wait in the middle of the web for an insect to fly into it.

See the white cross on its abdomen (the large rear body segment)?  That is how they get their name.

This one has already caught a meal.  Bugs beware!

  1. I just recently noticed several small cross spiders in the ivy on my back fence (Ivy is evil, I know – but I inherited this patch and I keep it under tight control). They each had several bugs trapped, so I’m sure they’ll be growing fast. A large one can be a bit surprising when you step out the back door and come face-to-eight-eyed-face with it.

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