Unusual Views of Herons

We’ve all seen Great Blue Herons standing on a beach or in a marsh, but how many times have we seen a heron from below?

Here is a good look at its leg.  It looks like birds’ knees bend in the wrong direction, but this isn’t a knee- it is actually an ankle!  Bird knees are usually hidden inside their body.

The herons were all over the trees behind our house.  They were flying across the river from the rookery on Goat Island. But why?  What were they doing high in these fir trees?

Check out the video below.

They are grabbing branches to renovate their nests with in the rookery!

  1. Awesome images! I’m really getting an education on heron behaviour through your posts. The video of the heron plucking branches is classic!

  2. Great photos, I’ve seen blue herons in these various positions in South Carolina. They hang out in the trees in the hot afternoons there. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Nice butt shots of the Great Blue Heron Mike. Interesting that they take branches from the fir tree for their nests. It looks like you will have some interesting bird watching this spring! Cool video of the heron in the tree too. They seem so graceful, even amongst the tree thick tree branches.

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