Tree Year March Challenge – Walnut

Slugyard is participating in The Tree Year, a creation by dreamfalcon.  Bloggers all over the world are observing their own specific tree for all of 2011 and writing about what they see.  I have chosen the walnut tree in my backyard.

The Tree Year March Challenge asks us to watch our tree for eleven minutes and record what we see.  So the other day I did just that.  I started by noticing how much moss is covering the tree (see photo above).  The weather has still been very wet and cloudy- I expect the moss will be hanging around for quite a while this year.

Nothing seemed to happening with the walnut, so I started to take a look around in the woods that my walnut tree sits on the edge of.  This Eastern Gray Fox Squirrel (invasive, but here to stay- see comments below for ID) was keeping a close eye on me from a nearby maple.

This is another maple in my backyard just a short distance from the walnut tree.  This easily could have been my Tree Year choice and I would have had lots to write about.  Maybe next time…

Further down is our creek with Skunk Cabbage in full bloom.  Not much grows down there other than the Skunk Cabbage and some invasive English Ivy.  It would take a full-time job removing all of the ivy- instead I remove it by bits and pieces.

Also a short distance away was this lone daffodil.  It seems completely out of place in these woods.

Just as I was about to give up on finding anything new on the walnut tree, I heard a familiar tap-tap-tapping noise.  See the female Downy Woodpecker?  Check out the video below that I captured just as my eleven minutes were up.

  1. Oh great topic! I think Ivan posted about this on wild Pacific NW earlier this year and I said I knew the tree I’d follow but I haven’t …good reminder. Alas it’s in a park as all I have is one little nonnative dogwood in my city yard. your yard reminds me of the yard I grew up in out in East Multnomah County, complete with a natural spring/stream running through the yard and lots of big trees.

  2. That’s one beautiful dreamy fairytale place!
    Love the moss on the tree and the little Squirrel.
    Daffodils seem to love woods like that. I found big circlets of them in our woods in Hungary. No idea where they came from?
    Seeds dropped by birds?

    1. OK- now I’m not so sure. I need to read up on these two species and figure it out. Every time I see them now in the yard they seem to look small to me!

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