Random Bird Shots (It’s been a rainy week)

The weather has been difficult for the past week or so- tons of rain and clouds.  Birds have come and gone, but my camera has had to stay inside.  So, here are some bird photos I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks.  Above is a male Anna’s Hummingbird in our cherry tree.

Song Sparrows are very common, but I still live to photograph them.  This one was near the lookout where I watch the heron rookery.

Great Blue Herons were wandering on the beach below their rookery.

A murder of crows was responding to a distress call- probably a red-tailed hawk needed to be harassed!

  1. Daughter and friends keep us informed about Oregon weather and they are getting pretty darn tired of hearing me talk about ours here in FL!! Still, I do miss spring (and of course those who are reporting on it ;>)….

    Great blue herons are everywhere we go! I never tire of them — nor of your beautiful pictures.

  2. Cute little song sparrow!
    I smiled when I read ‘murder of crows.’ I had forgotten that’s what they were called. Two nearby ones are always harassing the hawks here.

  3. I hear the weariness in your words! Still, your pictures fight back the gloom and soon maybe you’ll be enjoying the summer sun! Hang in there kid!

  4. Bummer about the rainy week — nice shots though. I especially like the sparrow. It’s true that they are common enough to easily overlook, but they are still fun to photograph!

  5. The sparrow has come out real nice. No matter how common a particular bird is,I take every chance to photograph it,for every photo is unique,and a slight change of composition,the bird’s pose,lighting,and camera settings can make all the difference.

  6. Great shots Mike! I love that murder of crows “responding to a distress call- probably a red-tailed hawk needed to be harassed!” I think they get harassed enough 😉

  7. Nice shots! Crows are such interesting, intelligent birds. There’s a pair in my neighborhood that wait on the power lines all morning, for a certain man that walks every day, and throws them the occasional peanut. It’s funny to see them follow him around the block.

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