More Flies Soon

Mating flies apparently don’t mind if you stick a camera in their faces.  I believe these are Flesh Flies- according to Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America by Arthur V. Evans, Flesh Flies have a gray and black checkerboard pattern on their abdomen, clear wings, and black legs.  With 20,000 species of flies in the United States and Canada, I’m just happy if my ID is somewhere in the ballpark.

There were actually a bunch of these flies near my backyard fence.  I’m not sure if they had just became adults and had emerged all at once.

We usually think of flies as sort of disgusting creatures, and I’m not going to argue.  But, you have to admit that they can also be beautiful!

  1. Mike,
    Great close ups of the flies, I agree trying to ID flies is tricky.
    How lucky you are to have some flying around in your yard. I’m not sure if winter is ever going to end here in the upper Midwest!

  2. Well……After raising three boys and a tomboy and being a grandmother of several who like bugs and snakes and all kinds of creepy crawlies I have become rather fond of them myself. But this may be getting fairly close to the line where I feel like a sissy! Eeeek! I will have to try to get a picture of the Florida State insect (not really), the cockroach. It could out-yuk your flies any day.

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