Bird Gatherings

The river below our house is a great site for watching groups of birds.  I’ve been posting a lot about the heron rookery on Goat Island (across the water in these photos).  Last week my friend Joe was down there taking pictures when a hawk scared the herons off of their nests and into the river.  He took the above photo.  The weather got colder this past weekend and they all completely disappeared.  I’ll check back down there later in the week when the temperatures are expected to rise into the 40’s again.  Hopefully they’ll be back.

Other birds also flock together here.  These 3 male Common Mergansers were following this female around.  Mergansers are diving birds, which means they dive into the river looking for food.

The female kept moving upstream and got some distance between herself and the males.  But, the males kept pursuing her.  Hmmm…

  1. You simply must get your herons back. I am waiting for stellar pictures of the rookery in full swing. It’s interesting that the herons would be spooked by a hawk given the size of the big blues. I still have ice on the river. It locked down Dec. 8th and has stayed frozen since. Come on spring!

  2. To live in a place where birds gather, especially water birds, is wonderful. My mother used to live (retired) in South Carolina where, in the winter, it was like a water bird sanctuary. The salt marshes filled with thousands and thousands of birds.

    Many filtered out in April. It would be fun to follow them as they flew north.

    Thanks, wonderful post.

  3. Love your blog! especially the name you chose: Slugyard. Very clever. I just told a friend of mine that I felt like a “slug”. It’s been really cold here in Minnesota this winter and, like a slug, I curl up into a little ball in the winter – when it gets warm I stretch out…
    Your poor Anna’s hummingbird – how does he do it? They must be tough little guys.

    1. Thanks Dee! I’m not sure how the Anna’s makes it, but I do know that hummingbirds are able to slow their metabolism quite a bit to survive some bad weather.

  4. Lovely pix — I’m feeling a little home-sick for the Northwest today anyway though and must try to remember to avoid your blog on days like this ;>)..(really I love seeing the pictures and reminders — we didn’t sell out because we hated it, we just wanted to see the rest of the country.)

    I have noticed before that duck behavor is sometimes not PG rated!!

    1. Sallie- feel free to visit and think of home any time you want! Believe me, this time of year I often think of going elsewhere to feel the sun…

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