Nest Building at the Heron Rookery

The Great Blue Heron rookery was full of activity this past weekend, though not all of the days were this sunny.

It still feels odd to see these large birds standing on nests at the top of these mature cottonwood trees.

Of course, some of the nests need a little maintenance!

  1. You know I have seen Heron’s nesting in a tree but never like this…that is an amazing photo! And I just love your first photo the sky so blue and crisp and the wonderful reflection on the water…oh simply perfect, well done!

  2. LOved this essay — one of our frequent walks when we lived in Oregon (Spfld) took us by a heron rookery and I miss seeing it. I never did get used to seeing those big birds on those little tree branches! We have herons here, but have not discovered a rookery.

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