I and the Bird CXLIII

I am very proud to present the 143rd edition of I and the Bird.

My two favorite hobbies are blogging on Slugyard and officiating football.  That makes this coming weekend a big one for me- I get to host I and the Bird AND Sunday is the Super Bowl, which is the championship game of the National Football League (American football, of course).  It is a huge event, and many people get together to watch the game as a group.  Football is BIG, and even 10,000 Birds has already posted this week about the “Superbowl of Birding 2011“.  But, birding is big too, and football is obviously using this activity to make itself more popular.  There are bird references throughout the sport.

Let’s start with some of the team names:  Seahawks, Falcons, Eagles, Ravens, and Cardinals (who once had a player named Fred Heron).  In fact, here in Oregon our most popular college team is nicknamed the Ducks.

But, of course, these teams aren’t playing on Sunday.  The Super Bowl will be decided by the Pittsburgh Steelers (with famous former player Lynn Swann) and the Green Bay Packers, much to the disappointment  of my many friends who are Eagles fans.  In fact I felt so sick I thought I had the flu after my team, the New York Jets, lost last week to the Steelers while the Packers beat their nemesis and my wife’s team, the Chicago Bears (with quarterback Jay Cutler), to get to the Super Bowl.

Kids and adults alike will flock to Dallas, Texas for this year’s game.  The game is usually somewhere south where the weather should be warmer, although right now Dallas feels like  a northern town with some very unusually cold temperatures.  Regardless, the game is sold out and many celebrities will be spotted in the stands.  Former and current players such as Chris Ivory, Danny White, and Tony “The Goose” Siragusa are all expected to be there.

Current players like the Packer’s A.J. Hawk know to appreciate making it to this championship game.  In order to win, players need to listen to their coaches and not act like they are in a production of “The Taming of the Shrew“.

Unfortunately, we need to really enjoy this game because the team owners and players are arguing over money and there is a chance that the players will be barred from showing up next year.  One of the biggest issues is that the owners want the players to swallow adding two more games to the season next year.  Hopefully the owners and players will come to their senses and agree- otherwise we’ll have to watch replacement players that never made it to the league like Chris Crane.  Or, if they don’t try to use replacements, we’ll have to get really desperate and fill our time watching smaller college teams like the Salisbury University Sea Gulls.

Cormorants that have nothing to do with football.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week.  I enjoyed reading the posts- please check them out!

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Greg Laden is hosting the next edition of I and the Bird on February 17.  Make sure to get your submissions to him by the 15th!

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