Flock of Herons?

A couple of days ago it was simply glorious down by the river below our house.  The recent high water levels were gone and the river was actually calm.  That is Goat Island in front of us in the photo- this is where the Great Blue Heron rookery is.

A flock of birds seemed to come out of nowhere from behind the island.  At first I figured they were geese, but if so then that was one very sloppy V-formation.

It was the herons!  I hadn’t seen them fly together as a flock like this before.  I imagine they’ll settle down soon.

  1. How wonderful to have a heron rookery to observe! Great luminous photos too.

    Thanks for your comment, we too have an imported all strangling clematis from South Africa that the early settlers brought in since it looked so green and lush. Now it is a most destructive pest plant invading the whole east coast of Australia.

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