First Insect Photo of the Year!

Yesterday was a glorious day weather-wise, and I got my first insect photo of the year!  This fly was on one of my rhododendrons in the backyard.

The first thing I noticed was its huge eyes.  It also has small curved antennae that I see on many different kinds of flies.  The abdomen (the back segment) is very thin and striped, and the thorax (middle segment) is dark.  This looks similar to an Elongate Aphid Fly, or Elongate Flower Fly according to Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America by Arthur V. Evans.  If it is something similar, then the adults only drink nectar while the larvae eat aphids.  So, hopefully this one will find a mate and they will lay a lot of eggs near my roses and quince!

  1. A wonderful close up photo Mike! The larva of this species looks a lot like a miniature slug and eats aphids voraciously. Not a bad idea for gardeners.

    For the first insect photo of the year this is awesome! Looking forward to more!

  2. Congratulations on finding an insect out and about! And a very “cool” one at that 🙂

    I’ve noticed flies like to bask in the sun and are often the first active insects here too.

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