Downy Woodpecker Perspective

This past weekend I spied this Downy Woodpecker searching for food in a tree in the woods behind our house.  In a closeup photo it is hard to know exactly where this bird is, and how high up in the tree it is.  Check out the video below to watch him hunt and then to get the perspective I had when I first saw him.

  1. As soon as I saw the name of your blog under the thumbnail on WBW, I knew you were from the Pacific Northwest. We lived in the Springfield-Eugene area for years before we started to RV fulltime and still go back to visit each year.

    You have a lovely post (and blog) — thanks for the taste of “home”.

  2. One has to admire the range of that zoom! It is rather amazing, even with a your trained eye that you spotted that woodpecker let alone held that super long shot so steady.
    A bird would have to be finding a lot of food to maintain that kind of frenzied foraging. ;-)WBW

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