Dance Fly Waiting

Our Indian Plums are now mostly in full bloom, and along with the blooms come insects.

I wasn’t sure what this insect was at first.  Based on its wings and the shape of its two antennae, I guessed it was a type of fly.  It looked like a Robber Fly, but didn’t quite seem right.

A little research got me to find this Flies of the Pacific Lowlands website where the Dance Fly is described:

These flies are common on early flowering plants such as Indian Plum and Willows where they readily drink nectar and wait for prey to fly by.

These flies are also known for having a distinct neck, which this one seems to have.  They also have long legs- again seems like a match, so I believe it IS a Dance Fly.  They get their names from a mating dance that some species perform.

See the long, sharp mouth-part?  This is used to stab prey that it finds on these flowers.

  1. Aren’t flies wonderful! I was very happy to find my first flies of the year on Witch Hazel last week here in Seattle. I was not familiar with the Flies of the Pacific Lowlands website, thank you very much for sharing it, I’ve been trying to learn more about them.

  2. I love you insect posts too and, as on the bird ones, the way you share your knowledge. I tend to just look and admire the bugs without looking p any info. Have just added your blog to my google reader — there’s too much good stuff here to read only once a week.!

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