Commonly Uncommon

Yes, robins are a dime a dozen here.  All year round they live in and around the yard, though I imagine we see different birds at different times of the year.  Still, like Song Sparrows, I can’t help but take photos of American Robins every time.  They are beautiful birds and very easy to observe.

These photos were taken yesterday which was a cold day.  The robins were very active, constantly flying around between the trees in groups.  This one sat here for a while basking in the sunshine despite the cold.

But even if I still get excited to watch a bird as common as a robin, the greatest thrills are still in finding birds that are rare.

I took this photo last week down by the river and figured it was another Great Blue Heron- at first.

It wasn’t until I downloaded the photos on to my computer that I realized that it is an American White Pelican!  This is a rare bird to be seen in this part of western Oregon.  In fact, it is not even listed in my Willamette Valley bird book at all.

On any given day, you never know what you might find.  I guess that’s part of the thrill of looking!

  1. You hit the nail on the head Mike. Even a common bird is rare to someone. I love that first shot of the American Robin. Cool catching that American White Pelican too. It’s amazing how birds can change species when you see them from a distance and then close up or in a photo.

  2. Congrats on spotting the pelican! When we were in Texas at Port Aransas (wonderful birding) I was surprised to hear some people on a bird walk exclaim about sighting a robin. I thought they were being silly, but it turned out that robins are rare — that’s not their migration route I guess. (But there were lots of white pelicans there ;>)

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