Winter Robins

A winter flock of Robins has been living in the park down the street from our house.  The flock has about 40 birds and they seem to spend most of their time either sitting in one particular maple tree or foraging in the baseball field below it.  In the spring we usually have robins nesting in our yard, but I don’t see too many in the winter.  These two stragglers who must have strayed from the flock were checking us out from my neighbor’s fir tree.

I think they were attracted to their holly tree which had a ton of berries- good winter food.

  1. A neighbor has a mature holly tree, and I sometimes see a flock of 50 or more Am. Robins spending the day eating every berry.
    Interesting that I just read a post on the MOBirds listserve that the Christmas Bird Count in southern Missouri reported a roost of 5 million Am Robins!

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