Squirrel Food

Underneath our walnut tree are many, many, old walnut shells.  Many are split in half and the edible nuts inside are long gone.  This one was a bit unusual though- it had this hole on both sides of the shell.

Looking closer, the marks on either side of the hole look like grooves.  I am guessing that these marks were made by squirrel teeth.  The nut inside is gone, so whoever made these holes probably got a nice meal out of it.

A bit further into the woods behind our house, I watched a squirrel with a mouthful of leaves climb this Douglas Fir tree.  It stopped at this branch and then disappeared into the clump of leaves and sticks that you can see here.  A squirrel home, perhaps?

  1. I have never seen the bites of a squirrel on the walnuts. Cool 😀
    And I always thought they somewhat live ‘in’ the tree trunks.
    Time to read up on squirrels 😀

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