Oregon Grape Snail

One of my Oregon Grape plants had a visitor on it this morning.  See it?

It’s a snail that is hidden inside its shell.

This is another Oregon Grape plant in my yard and yes, it is native to Oregon where we live.  It is an amazing plant.  It is evergreen and changes colors throughout the year from greens to reds and yellows.  It also has small yellow flowers that turn into bluish berries.  The berries are edible but are very tart and are best used for jelly.  I love this plant because it will grow just about anywhere- in sun or shade, and in wet or dry conditions.

It is common in the woods behind our house.  Some varieties stay low to the ground but some can grow to be several feet tall.

  1. That looks like European brown garden snail, Cornu aspersum. It is an exotic invasive snail and rapidly (for a snail) increasing its area of infestation in the PNW.

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