Immature Bald Eagle in Flight

My sons and I were throwing rocks in the river when my younger son looked up and saw this giant bird.  It was an immature Bald Eagle- probably the same one we saw the day before watching the Hooded Mergansers. It was hovering only about 50 or 60 feet above our heads and circling, likely looking for a fish in the river.

I guess it got lonely and decided to join a flock of geese…

  1. I’m still hopeful that one day Ill get a shot of a Bald Eagle, I got lucky and got one Golden in 2009–and one day a bald was sitting resting in a tree not bothered by my passing and then U-turned car stopping and me getting out..But alas Poor Sondra didnt have her CAMERA with her that day-*sigh*
    wonderful image with Geese and Eagle in same Frame!

  2. NICE! DD3 goes out with me from time to time–when she doesn’t have a class. I guess that’ll end soon since she graduates in May. Nice way to spend time with her though.

    I’m impressed that you knew what that was. I have such a hard time identifying birds…but I love to watch them and take pictures of them nonetheless!

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