From Bushtit to Bald Eagle

Sometimes little birds aren’t kind enough to just stand still for a moment in a well lit location and pose for us to photograph.  Bushtits are a good example of this, although my friend Joe got a nice shot of this one.

Joe also got a nice photograph of this Bewick’s Wren.

My photo yesterday of this Ruby-crowned Kinglet is a little fuzzy.  These birds kept in the shadows and wouldn’t stop flying around.

This photo I took this morning.  It’s not crystal clear either since I was pretty far away from this bird.  Is there enough detail to tell what it is?  My first thought was that it was about the size of a Bald Eagle, but it doesn’t look like one- an adult that is.   I see a yellow beak, but everything else appears to be pretty dark.  Could it be an immature Bald Eagle?  According to The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America by Donald and Lillian Stokes, older immature Bald Eagles can have yellow beaks while still not looking completely like an adult.  Is there enough detail in this photo to be sure?  I don’t know, but I can’t figure out what else it might be.  Plus, it was very near to where this Bald Eagle was just a week ago.

  1. You sure are right about the little gleaners not holding still and being tough to photograph Mike. It’s funny, I saw the same birds today you have here except for the sub-adult Bald Eagle.

    It sure looks like a Baldy to me with the big bright yellow beak, the orange feet and it has some white starting to show on its head. It might be a third year bird.

  2. I know how frustrating it is when those little hyper things never sit still! (they are awfully cute though). I had a kinglet sit about 7 feet from me one time for a good 5 minutes straight, but he was blocked by so many branches for a good photo. I actually did manage to get a different one to sit still for a photo recently (on my blog right now). I’m with Larry on the 3rd year Eagle. Nice sightings!

  3. …great eye capturing the immature Bald Eagle. What a find! Also…this sentence cracked me up: “…aren’t kind enough to just stand still for a moment in a well lit location and pose” (isn’t that the truth!!).

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