Disturbance at the Heron House

The boys and I were hiking down to the river this past weekend and got a good look at the Great Blue Heron rookery (place where many birds nest together).  It has been empty since last summer when the herons all left the area.  I looked up at it like I do every time we hike down there.  This time, I saw something.

They’re back!

More arrived on Sunday and they appear to be staking out claims to nests, and some have paired off.

This one evidently needed to make some nest repairs.

Pretty soon there will be chicks in these nests and they will be making a TON of noise calling for their parents to bring back some food.  I can’t wait!

  1. Awesome Mike! We expect to see plenty of photos coming from this rookery!

    On another note, I hope you got my IATB submission. I’m looking forward to your upcoming edition. I hope you are having fun with it.

  2. Very interesting photos of the heron rookery. It’s always good to see the birds arrive for another summer – but unfortunately your summer is our winter time.

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