Bald Eagle Over the River

Over the weekend we hiked down to the river to see how high the water had gotten in the Willamette River after a few days of rain.  It was actually quite high and most of the beaches were now under water.  Something caught our eye in the trees though.  Can you see it?

How about now?  Yes, a Bald Eagle was sitting in the trees looking for a meal in the river.

Even though we were completely across the river from it (which was pretty far away, as can be seen in the fuzziness of this photo), it heard us and turned to look.  Good thing it didn’t think we were food!

  1. I’d like to think that I would have seen it had I been in the field, I sure didn’t pick him out in the first photo until I knew what I was looking for. Great sighting!
    As for the wood ducks, I am fortunate. They have been in that pond for several years. I wish I could get closer, I guess I should invest in a longer lens.

    1. Sometimes it can get that high, but usually it waits until later in the year when the mountain snow melts. I hiked down to the river again today and it was about 6 feet lower than it was last week!

  2. Very nice photo – I was amazed that the bird was watching us even though we were so far away. It illustrates well their strong sense of what is happening within their territory.

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