Gross Anatomy

I found yet another slug in the neighborhood.  This one is probably a Gray Garden Slug that is an invader from Europe.

Do you know the anatomy of a slug?  In this photo we can see a lot of the major parts (see this Oregon State University link for a good diagram):

  • The big hole is called the pneumostome.  Slugs breathe through it.
  • The covering that the pneumostome is located in is called the mantle.
  • The ridge along the back of the slug is called the keel.  Not all slugs have a keel- this one does.
  • The bottom layer that touches the ground is called the skirt.
  • The rear part of the body is called the foot.
  • The tentacles are hard to see here- I must have scared this slug and it retracted its eyes and feelers.
    1. Thanks for the link, Dave. You might be right, but I can’t be sure. I haven’t been able to find a definitive guide to slugs. Know of one?

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